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We are here to help you recover by providing medications for opioid use disorder, counseling, and accountability. No judgement, but encouragement and support.

Pregnant patients are our highest priority. Our Nurse Natalie Andrews will help you and your partner get the treatment you need to deliver a healthy baby and care for him or her. 

We have helped many people avoid having their child taken by CPS, and or have the child returned to them by demonstrating sobriety and stability. 

Many of our patients have 10, 12, 14 years in recovery.

We may have met them at detox or inpatient or at outpatient treatment or jail medical or the emergency room or at the hospital.

After getting stabilized on medication and quit using opioids, they have moved forward in their lives and have attended to normal life concerns free of drugs.

Natalie Andrews, RN
Perinatal Nurse Care Manager
Cascade Medical Advantage

What is Cascade Medical Advantage?

Cascade Medical Advantage (CMA) is a non-profit clinic in Bellingham offering medication and case management support for clients with substance use disorders. Our goal is to support clients in their recovery journey by providing non-stigmatizing care and building trusting relationships.

My Role

With eight years of experience working with pregnant patients with histories of substance use disorders, in both inpatient and outpatient care settings, my goal is to provide non-judgmental, evidence-based care and to partner with families to maintain long-term recovery. It is important to me that the care I provide honors people’s past experiences and recognizes their strengths.

• Helping clients address their substance use disorder

o Medications such as methadone and buprenorphine (Subutex/Suboxone)

o Inpatient or outpatient treatment if desired

• Connecting families to community resources

o Prenatal care

o Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), Maternity Support Services (MSS)

o Mental health services and community support groups

• Advocating for families during their hospital stay

o Withdrawal management and medication stabilization (if applicable)

o Pain management

o Navigating CPS/ICW involvement (if applicable)

o Discharge planning and community support

Pregnancy support

Please don’t hesitate to reach out
Direct Line: 360-393-2217 (call or text)
Cascade Medical Advantage Clinic Number:

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